Wednesday, March 24, 2010

recap on Northwestern audition (a month later)

Hello All,
My third audition (back in February) was at the Northwestern University. And to be honest, I felt good leading up to it. Felt prepared. What helped too was my girlfriend traveled with me this time. Felt like I was able to be a little more relaxed since she came. (she's that kind of girl) :) It was a long day, particularly because they were behind schedule. When I arrived at the registration table, I found out they were an hour behind. So I went to warm-up play a little, and came back a while later to find out they were now an hour and 20 minutes behind. (this is what happens when EVERY trombonist wants to go to Northwestern). So I waited and waited. Listened to the pieces via mp3. And waited some more.
My time finally came to play and it went well. I'll be honest out of the three auditions I had, this one was the second best. I gave it all I got. You always hope for some things to be better. Many things came out the way I had hoped for them to be. In the end, I left it all in the room :) I was pleased with how I did and knew the rest would be up to God's doing.
Once I was done, I ran into a former doctoral student at the school who talked with me for a good 30-45 minutes about the school, the trombone teachers, and just how I need to study with them if possible (Michael Mulcahy and Peter Ellefson).

All in all it was a great day :) and a good audition. Be looking for a post VERY soon about my decision!!

J-man (Psalm 40:28-31)