Saturday, April 17, 2010

Decision for Grad School (and Summer plans)

Hello All,
Just wanted to update real quick for where I am going to graduate school. After much prayer, I have decided to attend Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. The trombone teachers there are Peter Sullivan, Rebecca Cherian, and Murray Crewe, all members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. CMU is a world-class university in a great city.
I am very excited about this new part of my life unfolding. Through much prayer, support, and patience, I believe the future is going to be very bright. God has had his hand through all of this, and honestly, it is very VERY evident that He is in control of what is happening.
For the summer, I have an exciting opportunity to travel with Tim Zimmerman and the King's Brass. The Christian professional group travels all over the country performing music ranging from Sacred to Big Band to Patriotic to Christmas music. It is an exciting yet humbling opportunity for me this summer as well as in the winter. For a tour schedule, go to their website to see if we will be in your area. The schedule is not set completely as churches and other venues are still being added.

Great times are ahead (including graduation!!) :)

J-man (Isaiah 40:28-31)