Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 2011 Update

Hello All,
I realized in last month's update, I failed to discuss my new weekly gig. This past August, I became a regular member of the praise band at Christ Church at Grove Farm in Sewickley, PA north of Pittsburgh. It is a highlight of my week, because I get to play songs of praise and hymns for the services. It is also good, because I get to use my Bach 36B (as opposed to my bigger horn, 42BO). Playing at the Church weekly allows me to sit back and frequently play loud and high (even at the same time) in a very nice environment. It also adds fun when you sit next to good players, such as Dan Nesbitt, a very good trumpet player who graduated from CMU last year (and also went to that school up north). I should also mention that the music director and his wife both attended Grace College (my alma mater) back in the late 60s; and while I traveled with the King's Brass, I stayed a night at his cousin's home in northern Michigan. Just goes to show how really really small the music world is! Even though I play at CCGF weekly, my wife and I continue to attend another church, Allegheny Center Alliance Church near Heinz Field and PNC Park. I attended this church all last year, and we both wanted to still attend ACAC. Fortunately, they have a Saturday night service where we can be motivated, encouraged, and inspired. The pastor will even occasionally get his trumpet out to play/improvise on the offertory. (Yes! He is good and actually has a music degree). It is great to do this on the weekends, because we can attend one church as a married couple and sit together during the service; then I can play at CCGF as a "gigistry."

Musically, it was an exciting month as I had the privilege to perform the solo from Henri Tomasi' Fanfare Liturgiques for the recent Wind Ensemble concert. It was one of the few times I felt great mentally, physically, and musically about the solo. It is a powerful solo and one that allows liberty for the soloist. I was pleased and God be praised. It's moments like that keep me playing for the Kingdom.

At the end of the month, the Carnegie Mellon Chamber Orchestra will be performing Ravel's Piano Concerto in G Major with a graduate pianist as the soloist. I'm looking forward to playing that piece since it is one of my favorite piano concertos (and the part is not all that difficult).

That is all for now. Next month's updates will includes highlights of premiering a brass quartet piece as well as being part of brass trio performing Floyd Werle's Concertino for Three Brass and Band.

Until then....Gott sei die Ehre

From J-man
Isaiah 40:31