Saturday, February 21, 2009

Training Time

Hello All,
well I've been wanting to put this post up for a long time, but haven't had the time this week. Now that my recital is over, I can focus more on auditions coming up. I found out this week that I didn't get invited to go to the Cleveland audition after sending in the audition tape. No worries; it was kind of expected.
However, this allows me more time to be able to get focus on the audition for the New York Philharmonic. This preliminary audition is in mid-June, and by preliminary I mean that it is an open audition for anyone to come in. There will be many MANY people probably attending this audition (thankfully it is spread over a couple days) and there will be some sending in audition tapes.
The great thing about this audition is that it is four months away, and I already have the repertoire list, and they mailed the parts for the audition. From here until June, I will be in training mode. Practicing, studying scores, listening to playbacks of myself as well as recordings of excerpts, getting lessons with other "ears", sending out recordings--It could get intense!! But it will be fun training.
Not only am I going to train musically but also I am going to start training physically as well as spiritually. Getting stronger physically will help my playing, and getting stronger spiritually will help me keep my focus on WHY and WHO I am doing this for--for Him.
If you have ever watched Chariots of Fire, you know what kind of training I am talking about. I'll probably be watching this movie a number of times in the next four months to get motiviated. Just another journey, I think the Good Lord has placed in my life. Where He will lead me to, I don't know; either way, may I learn more about Him through this journey to the Trombone section.

J-man (Heb. 12:1-13)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update on Junior Recital

Hello All,
well yesterday was my junior recital. I can't remember if I mentioned what I played on the recital. I played the following:
Fanfare by John Kenny
Trombonology by Tommy Dorsey
Nocturno by Franz Strauss
Concerto for Trombone by Launy Grondahl

It lasted about half-hour or so. It went much better than anticipated. There were times I could sense the Holy Spirit doing a work in giving a bit of strength. It is so neat when you have the Joy of Christ in you and you give him the glory for it all. This past week, that's all I was wanting to do: give glory to him, and show others the joy of Christ. I was reminded of the movie, Chariots of Fire, when Eric Liddell is about to run his last race, one of the greatest runners of the USA hands him a paper with the phrase, "It says in the Good Book, he that honors Me I will honor." That phrase somewhat hit me when all was said and done. If you truly and intentionally give God the glory, he will honor you.
(Note: I have good friends too. A friend who wasn't able to make it sent me a text right when I got to the church encouraging and reminding me to "do it for God." It made my day.)

There was one piece that I began to struggle with due to fatigue, and during that time a prayer to my Father helped saved the day. It goes to show that with God and ONLY God all things are possible. I'm not saying, ask God and your wish is his command. Rather, it goes back to that statement, "He that honors me, I will honor." You give him the glory, walk in His ways, commit to him, and He will help shape your desires. He'll be right by your side the entire time. And yesterday, I could sense Him truly there. Coincidentally, my biological dad could tell I was struggling and was praying during that same time :)

It was funny for me because during the last movement of the Grondahl, I knew I was getting tired (as expected). There were many many spots I had to pace myself and hold back, so I could save for the big moment--the end--which can be difficult if you know the last movement: especially ending with that selection. And pacing works if you want a big finish :)

All in all, I was very pleased with how I did. My prayer now is that God was pleased. May HIS name be praised for what HE did to me and through me. It is all because of Him, I was able to do what I did yesterday.

Psalm 115:1 and Romans 11:36

From J-man